About Us

Welcome to Run Run Sushi!
Why Run Run Sushi?
Run Run Sushi was created for a love for fast takeaway Sushi hence the Run Run. We currently spend our days in ION Orchard #B4-71 rolling Maki Sushi and Handrolls, wrapping Onigirazus and making healthy Bowls all day! 
Our Beginnings...
Before we settled down in ION Orchard, our journey started by rolling Sushi Handrolls for on the go at Holland Village, you may recognise us from there! We love to explore different kinds of experiences of fast Sushi. We love our Sushi Handrolls and Onigirazus where you can eat hassle free on the go. We also love our Maki Sushi, healthy Sushi Rice Bowls and Salad Bowls where we can sit back and enjoy that fresh Salmon Sushi we've been thinking about all day.
Our Ingredients 
Great Sushi starts from premium and freshest ingredients and we choose to use restaurant-grade ingredients at higher costs to offer our customers a great takeaway Sushi experience with us. We believe that Sushi can both be fast and freshly delicious!
Online Islandwide Delivery
Like all local F&B businesses, COVID-19 had a big hit on us as shopping malls and Orchard Road emptied out and all Sushi Lovers had to stay home for safety. We are now ready to reach out to you online to continue serving you delicious Sushi and Sashimi at the comfort of your homes and offices!
Thank you for supporting and choosing to order from a local F&B business during this difficult time.

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